Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Payday Loans Nebraska. Here everything about our collection and sharing practices of borrower's personal details has been discussed. So, you being a borrower should take a tour of this particular section of our website. Most importantly here you can learn about how we have committed ourselves to cater a safe interface for you to seek for loan offers.

In short, here Payday loans Nebraska wants you to understand the various effective exercises we follow so that you can safely browse our site. Most importantly we have been leveraging sophisticated technology to make sure that our borrowers should have a safe and secure online browsing experience with us. Moreover we keep on adding new functionalities to improve our security procedures.

Payday Loans Nebraska can be accessed anonymously if the visitor just wants to gather some information from the website. So, for a visitor there is no need of sharing any personal details. But if visitor wants to get loan offers then he or she should apply with us. Here he or she needs to fill up an online form with valid details which will contain your basic information.

Payday Loans Nebraska looks out for basically two types of information from its users which are namely personally identifiable details and non personally identifiable details. As personally identifiable details you need to give us details like your name, physical address, email id, social security number, employment details, citizenship status, date of birth, information about home ownership, frequency and amount of pay checks etc. This information should be included in the application form by you. To let you know about upcoming offers and promotional deals and services we will use your contact information from those details.

However on the other side, details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, other sites visited by the user of Payday Loans Nebraska etc are obtained by us from the browsing history of the user. Using these details we can determine the response of users towards our site and whether or not we need to perform in a better way.

Payday Loans Nebraska has let some third party sites to advertise at our site. But this does not mean that these sites work according to our policy. So, you must carefully browse those sites.

Our privacy policies are subjected to change from time to time. So, with time we may add new things in our policy. So, we would advise you to visit our privacy policy page every time you access our site.